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The team of lecturers has been composed of Principal Investigators and Scientists from leading universities and research institutions.


Dr. Ole B. Andersen DTU SPACE - Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Annett Bartsch b.geos
Dr. Jenny Bonin University of South Florida
Dr. Chris Borstad UNIS
Prof. Jason Box GEUS
Prof. Camilla Brekke UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Dr. Solveign Havstad Winsvold UiO/NVE
Dr. Stefan Hendricks AWI - Alfred Wegener Institute
Prof. Johnny A. Johanessen NERSC
Prof. Andreas Kääb UiO - University of Oslo
Dr. Ron Kwok NASA
Dr. Adrian Luckman UNIS
Dr. Robert McNabb UiO
Dr. Alexandra Messerli NPI
Dr. Geir Moholdt NPI
Dr. Jamie Morison APL - University of Washington
Dr. Frank Paul University of Zürich
Dr. Allen Pope IASC
Prof. Eero Rinne FMI
Prof. Stein Sandven NERSC
Dr. Thomas Schellenberger UiO - University of Oslo
Dr. Heidi Sevestre University of St. Andrews
Dr. David Small University of Zürich
Prof. Julienne Stroeve University College London
Prof. Anja Strø mme NSC/UNIS
Dr. Anna Maria Trofaier SIOS/UNIS
Dr. Penelope Mae Wagner MET Norway