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Cryosphere Training Course 2018 > Northern Lightning Talks

Announcing the Northern Lightning Talks at the ESA Cryosphere Training Course 2018

Why are you interested in the cryosphere?
Perhaps you have explored the white wilderness before and experienced its changes first hand, maybe you engaged in polar issues during your undergraduate degree, or you read physics at university and are interested in satellite applications – or even something completely different.

Tell us why you want to learn more about monitoring the cryosphere from space and what aspects interest you the most.

As part of the ESA Cryosphere Training Course 2018 we will ask you to prepare a short lightning talk – a Northern Lightning Talk (pun intended). You will get the opportunity to introduce yourself, your research interest and motivation in a short three minute talk.
We ask you to prepare one slide (only) for this in advance, and hope this will help you to connect and meet like-minded people.

So whatever it is that makes you want to study the cryosphere, let us know when we see you in Svalbard in June 2018!


Credit: Erkka Petteri Heino (UNIS)